A Snowy New Year’s Eve


We are skiing up in Vermont for a few days and are pretty far north, near Canada. Some shots above.

As a VC, you almost never go offline. So, I check email a few times each day and had a call with one of our companies. But, there are many people who almost never can take time off at the end of the year: entrepreneurs and executives.

So, Bruce Reading called me last night. He is our CEO at VoltDB. He usually calls just before the end of the quarter, to let me know how bookings went. There are many good things happening with customers there. They are buying and big strategics are starting to resell the product, with more on the way. They’ve had a good quarter and a good year.

I remember last year that Bruce was on the phone on New Year’s Eve with a large customer prospect. That is how many business executives spend their winter holidays.

So, to all of our companies: a huge thank you. And, to the VoltDB team, including the executives (Bruce, Scott Jarr, John Piekos, Ryan Betts, Mike Pogany, Peter Vescuso, Eric Sansonetti, Scott Powers and others), thank you for all that you do.

A safe New Year’s Eve to all….

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