No O.J.T.

Something is happening in America.

The Iowa caucuses are today and the gun has fired officially for the presidential election. This cycle was supposed to be about Super PAC funding pushing establishment-friendly candidates to the forefront.

Instead, on the left and the right, Sanders and Trump are thus far out-polling Clinton and Bush. Sanders features a grass-roots funding movement and Trump is funding his own campaign. And their visions for America are pretty extreme.

I’m writing all this because Mrs. T. and I this weekend saw The Big Short. It is an interesting and entertaining movie about the 2008 financial crisis, and how unfettered capitalism led to the meltdown of banks which U.S. taxpayers then bailed out.

It’s no wonder that people today are angry and feel that the system isn’t very transparent and is perceived as “rigged.” It’s no wonder that many citizens who aren’t usually politically active have become so in this election cycle.

I think a thorough debate and airing of ideas is healthy, good, and needed. I don’t support either Sanders or Trump. I think H. Clinton is by far the most capable candidate running. I wish Michael Bloomberg will run for President (the New York Times has reported he’s thinking about it).

My ideal candidate for the next “CEO of the U.S.” is someone who has been CEO of something before. So, that’s why I lean towards governors and people with prior leadership experience. I don’t believe in on-the-job training for such an important position. No O.J.T.

This will be an interesting election cycle.

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