On the Shoulders of MLK, Jr.


This is an amazing photo of MLK, Jr. I’ve been thinking about him, as Monday in Massachusetts is a holiday in honor of him.

Our family is skiing at Stowe this weekend. It is my first time on the mountain, and we are staying at a lodge adjacent to the slopes. Every mountain has its own vibe. Stowe feels very high-end. Nothing wrong with that.

But, it makes me think of the saying: we today stand on the shoulders of giants of the past. MLK, Jr., is one of those giants. He knew, and publicly mentioned, that he would be assassinated. But, he kept going, in spite of this fear.

All this is linked to Stowe for me. Because of civil rights, I’ve been able to work and live where I want. I’ve been free to marry anyone of any race. And, I’m free to go to Stowe, hang out with friends Jeff and Anne Mitchell, enjoy the skiing, and no one gives race a second thought.

That is why, to me, people like MLK, Jr. and Nelson Mandela are incredible heroes, who embodied courage and grit and for whom I am so grateful.

They’re giants.

So, yes, I am enjoying time with the family. We are skiing and having wonderful meals. And, it would not feel right if I didn’t pause, even for just a moment, to recall MLK, Jr.

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