Our Night Out

Last night, my wife and I went to a fun holiday party. We go each year. It is one of my favorite social events.

There were ice sculptures on each table, massive bars made of ice, beautiful candles, tons of great food, and a DJ. There was a cool snow machine, and upon leaving the party, you were invited to don cheesy hats and accessories and have photos taken in a photo booth. We got home at midnight, which is super-late for us, as it was such a fun night out.

At the party, we meet up each year with the same other couples. It is a great time to hang out together and be merry. There’s always a lot of laughter, and everyone is at ease. These friendships have been a huge plus in my life. It is really fun to go out for a special evening and hang out with these particular friends.

I want to note a particular conversation thread, whereby a friend and I talked about ways to be more detached from material possessions. As for me, I think my next car will be used. Perhaps, a pick-up truck for the fly fishing I’m hoping to do. I think doing that would help wean me from consumerism.

It was great to see you Jim, Katherine, Andy, Lisa, Merrill and Paul!  Jim and Diane, we missed you!

2 thoughts on “Our Night Out

  1. Glad you get out and relax now and then.
    I’d suggest a used Rav4 or other small SUV with 4wd as a used vehicle. 🙂

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