Out of the Blue

Last October, I returned to my alma mater and spoke on campus. It is hard to explain, but I felt that talk was one for which I’ve been preparing to give all my life. 

I took a risk in that session and just decided to speak to the students in an unfiltered way, unsure as to how they would receive my talking points. 

I this afternoon received the message at the bottom. A bit out of the (Yale) blue, and it really moved me. I feel very grateful. 

I hope everyone is having a good holiday. Mine has been great so far, and it suddenly has become even better. 

I think the best Christmas gift isn’t a material one. It is true and pure love. 

Hey Jo! I’m one of the Yalies that was able to grab dinner with you and hear your talk afterwards. I just wanted to reach out and wish you Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas as well as show my gratitude for your talk. Your advice to ignore outside noise, craft my own definition of success, and chase that path unafraid of failure and perfection completely altered the way I approached my first semester and, I expect, will alter the way I approach life — so, sincerely, thanks.

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