Parenting Gets Better

When I was a much-younger Dad, I did a networking sesh with a prominent executive. I like meeting new people. He was older, about the age I am now, and he said something I have never forgotten: “Parenting gets better with each year.”

I didn’t understand what he meant. He explained that as your children grow up and become adults, it is very satisfying to see them develop their personalities, judgment, and opinions.

Now that I have been living the phase of life that he was then do I understand what he meant.

We are just about to finish a trip for one of our children’s college graduation. It is a major milestone for graduates. It also is a mental milestone for parents.

We have really enjoyed meeting our daughter’s friends and seeing her apartment. It meant a lot to me to get a glimpse into her life. When your child leaves for college, a child-development psychiatrist, a former neighbor, told me: “You’ve now been fired as your child’s general contractor and have now become an at-will consultant.” He is so right.

So, as a consultant, it was nice to see my client and where and how they live. And the perspective from years ago continues to echo in my life: it has been very satisfying to see one’s child make good decisions and become their own person.

Parenting is definitely a journey! I was so happy when we were all gathered for meals. It was so sad to drop off children at the airport and to say goodbye to our graduate.

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