Passover & ‘There’s More to Do’

I am sick as a dog today, but I wanted to write about Passover.

Whether you’re Jewish or not, I think it’s immensely important that everyone remember that freedom isn’t free (I blogged last year about Passover here and here).

And, our ancestors had to endure a great deal for us to be here, whilst the struggle against discrimination continues today. Elizabeth Ducoff, for example, Tweeted this regarding the recent shootings in Kansas:

I recently watched a moving PBS Series called “The Story of the Jews.” Most touching of all for me was a 90-second snippet. It covers Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel. An air raid siren goes off, and the whole nation pauses. Cars stop on the highway and the drivers get out. Everyone stands, in silence, at attention.

Video is below (or, click here). Watch min 2:00 to 3:30.

So, to all my Jewish friends, as you celebrate the Feast of Freedom: Chag Pesach Sameach!

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