Peace, Jerusalem and A Cappella Music

I recently was at a college mini-reunion. While there, they showed this very cool and moving video, a song called “Home,” which featured the Jerusalem YMCA Youth Chorus (click above or here) and YouTube sensation and Yale grad Sam Tsui. Micah Hendler, also a Yale grad, founded and directs the Chorus.

I ran into someone after, who said: “I was in tears by the end of that video.”

I love this song and that it features a chorus comprised of both both Israeli and Palestinian teens, striving to promote peace through a cappella music.

Some years ago, I went to Israel for business. I made a point of seeing Jerusalem. I’ve read a lot about the conflicts in the Middle East, but seeing the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall so close together really crystallized for me how difficult this conflict is. A true zero-sum situation.

I wandered the narrow alleys in Jerusalem, which itself is divided into “quarters” for Jews, Muslims, Christians and Armenians.

I don’t know if true peace in Jerusalem is possible. But, I laud and greatly respect those who keep striving for it.

If you want to support the Chorus, as I just did, click here.

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