Politics Today & Choices I’ve Made

I refuse to be brainwashed by politicians running for the Presidency.

I refuse to submit to their sound-bites, which have been repeatedly tested through consumer focus groups, to elicit alarm and anger.

I refuse to believe their messages that “unless I vote for him/her, the world is going to hell.”

I refuse to listen to people funded by billionaires and their Super PACs, whose incentives are not aligned with mine.

I refuse to listen to messages of xenophobia and hate, ones that blame “others” and do not adequately point the finger at ourselves.

I instead choose to believe that many immigrants who arrive here do so out of desperation and love for their families.

I choose to listen to third party data that shows that immigrants’ crime rates are lower than the rest of the population.

I choose to look for a candidate who is a fiduciary and wants to serve the nation vs. fulfill a deep psychological need to be loved by others because he/she grew up in a dysfunctional home.

I choose to believe that justice must be done, but that locking up criminals as though they were animals, with no education or help, will never rehabilitate them.

I choose to believe that many of our society’s ills are the results of inadequate, absent, or horrible parenting, and that the consequences can span many generations. I hereby resolve to be a better father and to mentor young people.

I choose to believe that integrity will win in the end, that shortcuts and lies will eventually be found out or found lacking.

I choose to love other people and expect nothing in return. It is only by giving more that I can help create a just society.

I choose to believe that I no longer have to listen to politicians, but, instead, to pick my own values.

I choose to see the glass as half-full, that honor, though it may not be recognized at one given moment, will win.

In short, I choose to choose.

4 thoughts on “Politics Today & Choices I’ve Made

  1. Joe – thanks for your many thoughtful posts. This is very well done and represents my feelings exactly. Particularly your comments on immigrants, prison policy, family life, mentoring etc.

    I am convinced more than ever that most of our social ills / under-performance are a symptom of failing families. Yet I am humbled at how difficult life is as a parent of 5 – with education, married to a talented and wonderful wife and means.

    As a result, I am convinced we need to do more for families….and parents. Not sure what from a public policy point of view – but my encouragement to young families is a primary goal of my mentoring work. By the way Phoenix has 52% of children born to single parents – really a challenge to prepare these children for life in this century….

  2. Great piece Jo. I choose to engage and participate. I choose to be a part of the solution at a local level.

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