Progress Is a Cloud of Dust

I think progress is about a cloud of dust. Here’s what I mean.

We’re entering now, in mainstream media, the “tough” part of the start-up cycle. As the stock market becomes more volatile, more and more stories are being written about start-ups that may fail.

It’s a curious and fairly predictable phenomenon. The mainstream press, IMO, amplifies the tone of events on the way and down. “Things” are never as good or bad as they may appear.

As I shared in a piece that came out today, I try to ignore the stock market noise. I don’t get too up or down.

Or, put it another way, it’s all about a daily “four yards and a cloud of dust.”

I just mentioned this to one of our CEOs, as we were de-briefing about an important event in the company’s evolution. People, myself included, focus on the glorious events in a company’s life: the big financing, the IPO, the big splash.

But, the reality is that everyday life is usually about being persistent and consistent. It is about making each day about making steady progress. It likely will not be dramatic, and it likely will not make any headlines.

But, if you can get four yards on every play, then, you will look up at some point and will have seen that you’ve won the game.

So, ignore the press and the stock market. Just build a business and make progress each and every day. And, feel very grateful and happy about it.

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