Quit a Job and Pursue Your Dream?

There’s a cool article in today’s Wall Street Journal. It’s about a VC who leaves work to pursue his dream of competing in the Olympics.

I think the best paragraph in the article was this one:

His…epiphany came after his usual speech to entrepreneurs about following one’s dreams. Lying in his hotel bed, he thought, “I am so full of bull,” and asked, “what are the deepest, darkest things I have been too scared to do?”

Of course, not everyone has the financial flexibility to leave a job and train. And, often it really is hard to articulate a life-long dream. They often are hidden under layers. I love my job, but it took a couple of jobs before I came upon VC.

But, perhaps, can get you closer? And, everyone has the ability to take at least one small step each day towards finding that dream. I think the key is to stop “kicking the can” and assuming that you have time tomorrow.

Might as well start today?

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