Refusing to Hate

I hope everyone is having a restful Thanksgiving.

I’m in charge of the turkey and gravy, and Mrs. T. and the children are cooking everything else. Low-maintenance guests are coming over. So, it is a remarkably stress-free holiday for me, thus far. I even have time to read and blog a bit.

In addition, to family, football, and food, Thanksgiving means many different things to many people. I’d like to throw out “refusing to hate” as one theme.

To that end, from a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, up top (or, click here) is a very moving video. It is about a man whose wife was killed in Paris during the terrorist attack. He makes a choice about “refusing to hate.” He is a bigger man than me.

May we all be grateful for safety and an everyday normal and boring life. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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