Risk Homeostasis and Founders

I had lunch today with serial entrepreneur Mike Rowan, who always has amazing ideas and an awesome outlook on life.

While noshing over falafel, we started talking about “risk homeostasis.” The basic idea is this: each person has a set point for risk and will modify his/her behavior to maintain that risk.

So, Mike believes that most founders have a high tolerance for risk. And, if they’re in between start-ups, to maintain their risk set point, they’ll seek other forms of risk. Mike is currently in between start-ups. So, what has he been doing? He’s been jumping off bridges, yo.

In the video below, Mike has a parachute on his back and jumps off a high bridge above the Snake River, near the point where Evil Knievel did his famous jump.

Here’s the video below (or, click here):

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