Ruby-Red Trout & Super Bowl Weekend

Well, it’s finally here: Super Bowl weekend.

Patriots Nation is on pins and needles for Sunday’s game. I was happy to read a NY Times article, saying that scientific experiments may prove that the Patriots’ POV of Deflate-gate may be valid after all. Honestly, I think the whole thing has been a massive Rorschach Test, where each person sees in the incident what they want to see.

Win or lose, it should be a great football game.

Also, I took a last-minute official vacation day on Friday and hit the river. It’s a pretty amazing winter scene, with snow frosting the trees and covering the ground like one big, thick layer of whipped cream.

I managed to catch what I think is the prettiest trout I’ve ever seen. The video up top (or, click here) won’t accurately capture the 17″ of ruby-red color and jet-black spots.

If you fly fish and are interested, I used a white marabou streamer and fished it downstream. I was hungry and decided to eat my sandwich and, while doing so, saw two currents meet in the middle of the river. Why not keep fishing?

I kept the streamer in that seam and slowly moved the line side to side, swinging the streamer, eating my lunch with one hand and listlessly moving the rod with the other.

I wasn’t expecting anything. I started to chow down and space out, and then: WHAM. The trout crushed the fly. I was startled and almost dropped my food, as strikes in the winter are usually super-soft.

Have a great weekend (even if you’re a Seahawks fan).

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