Saturday Brownies and True Love

I don’t know about you, but as we slide towards the winter solstice, my energy level goes down. As the daylight period decreases, I find myself needing more sleep. Part of it could be the aging process.

I’m pretty familiar with this phenomenon, and many of my friends are, too.

I’ve found that continuing to exercise daily really, really helps, as does finding ways to be outside. Also, reading, writing, and cooking, which is why I’m baking brownies this Saturday morning. Yes, the children can have warm brownies for breakfast. Call the cops.

This year, I also am trying something new. I’m limiting the number of evening activities. There are many end-of-the year business and social events. They’re all fun and worthwhile, but I really need my sleep.

And, there’s this: fly fishing videos.

Here is a very cool one which I just discovered. It’s beautiful. It involves a husband-wife team fishing in the remote Australian mountains, traversing a remote area, and cooking steaks over an open fire at a sleepover hut. Looks like True Love.

And, it looks like heaven to me.

This will sound silly, but I have this recurring day dream. I’m living part of the year in Montana near a beautiful river. I just had a great day of fly fishing and cooked a dinner featuring veal blanquette, Époisses cheese, and Red Burgundy.

The meal is over and kitchen clean-up is done. I’m tying flies in the living room. A fire is going. My Significant Other is asleep on the couch. I pick her up, tuck her into bed, and kiss her goodnight on the forehead.

I go back downstairs to finish fly tying and, perhaps, to read some Hemingway.

That’s my favorite daydream.

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