Snowed In (with Apple Pie)

It’s Sunday of Presidents’ Day weekend, and I am snowed in, due to a blizzard (see up top, or click here, for a pretty cool “Snowlapse” of a recent Boston snow storm).

Mrs. T., our London-based exchange student, and our two older children are in NYC to visit some colleges, enjoy some musicals and have a mini-break. Thankfully, they got out before the snow hit.

I’m home with our two younger children and am just hanging out. For breakfast, we had chicken nuggets. Lunch: leftover pizza. Why not? When mom is away, things happen.

One child now is dutifully doing homework, while the other is wrapping up a Harry Potter book. I likely will stream some Anthony Bourdain clips on Netflix.

Amazingly, the grocery store is open, and so, dinner will be strip steaks, and I’ll surprise the kids by baking an apple pie. The two children are feeling a bit “left behind,” and pie in the past has elicited woops of joy from them.  Baking one seems like the right thing to do.

The wind is really whipping outside, but, honestly, this storm has created a gorgeous and serene landscape. Everyone is socked in. Everything is covered in white, the snow is fluffy, and there’s almost no noise, other than gusts of wind.

I think unstructured time is a rarity and a luxury. Like you, I usually have people to meet and places to visit. Today, I’m all caught up on household chores, and with all of our children now very independent, I can just relish this chunk of time.

I wonder what our ancestors did during the long winters, with no Internet, electricity, gadgets, etc.?  I’m sure they were focused mostly on the basics, such as obtaining heat, food and water.

So, I feel pretty grateful to be living in a time, and at a place, with ample resources.

A safe holiday weekend to all!

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