Spring Break in NYC

Well, we’re back. I’ve been quiet on the blog front because I didn’t work Tuesday to Friday. My children are on different spring break schedules, and I took two of them to NYC.

We had a great time and stayed at a hotel in the Times Square area. I took them to some of my favorite restaurants. Also, we saw The Lion King on Broadway (really impressive) and toured some museums.

During our walks, we passed by the office building where I used to work and the parish where I used to attend Mass. It’s funny how so much time can go by, but a city block can transport you back to a point in time decades ago.

So much has happened in my life since I last lived in NYC. I was single then, just out of college, in between relationships, and not sure what I wanted to have for a career. Frankly, it was a challenging time, as I’ve blogged before.

Now, the stresses in life are different, and, somehow, they seem more manageable. I think that happens as you age. Whether it’s perspective, maturity or the realization that you’ll make it through the tough times, I’m so much happier now than when I was in my early-20s.

I don’t feel I have more answers now, but I just have more faith that things will all work out. Or, that the difficult times will eventually end.

There are cycles in life. If you’re in a down part of your life, I promise you: things eventually get better.

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