Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper on Grief

If instability was a familiar topic in your childhood, you may want to watch the interview below.

If instability was not a familiar topic in your childhood, the interview may help you understand better those who did experience such a time. And, if not, it’s still worth watching: it’s very earnest and soulful.

It’s Anderson Cooper interviewing Stephen Colbert, whose father and two brothers died when he was 10. Cooper’s father also died when he was 10, and a few months before the interview, his mother had died.

For the longest time, I didn’t share with anyone how difficult my childhood was. Now, I often do. When you explain to someone that your mother almost died nine times when you were seven years-old, it is amazing what you hear back.

I’m a firm believer that people with shared values and shared experiences eventually find each other. And, sharing who you are is  the first step in cutting through the cocktail party b.s. and letting you find your true community.

Give it a try.

Both my childhood and my willingness to speak about it have been tremendous gifts in my life….

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