Sun and Guns

It is an outdoorsy Labor Day weekend.

One of my children wanted to try skeet shooting, found online Addieville Farm, and booked a session. So, I took two of my children over, and we tried our hand at firing 20 gauge shotguns at clay pigeons (videos here and here or up top).

Hitting a moving target is much more difficult than it looks. Our instructor, Todd, was very kind and great with the kids. I hit some targets, but, for some reason, did really well at the game meant to simulate rabbit hunting.

I haven’t fired a gun since 6th grade, while at a summer camp. It was fun to try something new with some of my children.

On Monday, I’ll fly fish. The fishing is pretty slow in September, as most bug hatches have ended. But, the weather will be sunny and warm. I usually have good luck.

I have always enjoyed Labor Day weekend. The weather is usually still very good, and it serves as a book end to end summer. It’s been a busy summer, as many entrepreneurs in the Boston area are fundraising. I suspect it will be a busy autumn, too.

Being outside is a great way for me to get ready for a change in seasons. I hope you’re having a great holiday weekend, too.

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