Thank You, Roxbury Latin

(Via D. Levitsky’s Facebook page)

I just sent the note below to our son’s school, from which he recently graduated. I know you, as the reader, won’t recognize any of the names. But, I wanted to share publicly my profound gratitude to individuals, who spent so much time with our son.


Dear Kerry,

We know how much you’ve done for us, but I’d like to ask for one last favor: please forward this email.

I write to send our most sincere “thank you” to the RL team. As I stated to the parents at one year’s Mini-Schedule events, other than family, RL has been the most important blessing to our son.

So, in no particular order, we would like to send our gratitude to the following people, knowing that we are missing so many individuals by name, but we trust that everyone knows the spirit with which we send this email:

  • To the Refectory and maintenance staff, for ensuring our son was safe, comfortable, and well-fed.
  • To you, Kerry, and Brian Buckley, for being his ever-faithful advisors during the ups and downs.
  • To Sally Stephens, for understanding him better than his parents did, and giving him both the coaching and freedom he needed to pick his college path.
  • To Mike Pojman and Kai Bynum, who clearly looked out for our son, gave him support, and showed him compassion and steady love.
  • To Ousmane Diop and Madame White, for a France Immersion Trip that was pivotal and gave to him a greater sense of personal differentiation vis-a-vis his family. He returned home a truly transformed individual.
  • To Ousmane and Erin Dromgoole, for guiding our son through soccer, tennis and cross country, to persist.
  • To Robert Opdycke, for the many years in the Chorus/Glee Club and, later, Latonics. Our son really enjoyed the opportunity to sing a cappella. His trips with the Glee Club were also ones that contributed to his development.
  • To Tom Guden and Mrs. Perry, for letting him join the RL family.
  • To Josh Cervas, who interviewed him during the admissions process, and allowed him to be himself.
  • To Derek Nelson and Brian, for encouraging him to work on so many theater set crews, and, eventually, to perform on stage.
  • To Tobey O’Brien, for always saying hello to him and making him feel welcomed.
  • To Mr. Moore and Dr. Dower, for the opportunity and challenges that came with the physics tutorial.
  • To Mr. Piper, Mr. Poles, Stewart Thomsen, Mrs. Morris-Kliment, Andy and Kate Chappell, Billy Quirk, Dr. Hyde, Dr. Kokotailo, and Mr. Lieb, who as teachers and/or Class Masters invested tremendous time and energy into our son.
  • To all faculty members, for as a parent I know that you often interacted with him and helped him, even if he did not take any of your classes.

We are in awe of the work you do. We look forward to keeping in touch.

With love and prayers….

(Via J. Jin’s Facebook page)

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