That Other World

Here is a recent post from the Reddit personal finance group, on which people ask for advice on financial matters:

It’s looking like my wife and I are going to be getting a cordial divorce. I recently completed a stint in rehab after a nasty addiction, and let’s just say things are not going well. I racked up significant debt over the course of my addiction. I relapsed and things are getting bad again.

After some discussion, we have decided that divorce is probably a good idea, all things considered, for the sake of our son, and she is pregnant and due soon.

I am worried about my debt. I do not want her to have to deal with it or be liable for it. I lost my job and there is a good chance I will not be able to make the payments, even with a job. If I default on my debt (credit card debt), will she be liable for my debt? Even though we are getting divorced, I hope she is safe from my creditors and able to be financially secure to provide for our children.

In my house in the suburbs, after driving around in my sports car to this and that, I really do feel that I often am insulated.

I like some of the groups on Reddit. I offer advice, but I feel I get back much more than I give.

Call it The Real World or That Other World. It’s out there, and I under-appreciate it.

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  1. A partner of VC and an addict who’s about to face a divorce – it’s such a stark contrast! But life is only so much fair… I wonder, at your status now, how you get back much more than you give (You also seem to be a very positive person as well)

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