The A21 Campaign & Christine Caine

If you grew up on government funding, in one of the poorest parts of your country, the odds are against you. If you’re taught at an early age that a woman’s role is tied strictly to home life, then you may shrink back. And, if you were sexually abused for 12 years by four different men, you have much to overcome, perhaps, too much.

Well, Christine Caine has overcome all that. I heard her speak last night, and it was one of the most powerful talks I’ve ever heard. One of my children and I last night went to see Hillsong, who are touring in the U.S. In between the music, Christine spoke. It was riveting, raw and eye-opening.

With much effort and grace, Christine started the A21 Campaign, which fights human trafficking. I think it’s tremendously awesome that someone who was sexually abused has transformed such a horrific experience into good. Christine has made her life’s work an organization that combats the buying, selling and shipping of human beings. She fights slavery.

A video of Christine, explaining A21’s work, is up top (or, click here).

Thank you, Christine, for coming all the way from Australia to Boston. It was great to hear your talk!

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