The BBQ Don

If you’re within Massachusetts’ Route 128 and are looking to host a hassle-free, crowd-pleasing party, you must, I mean must, consider The BBQ Don.

Local citizen Sebastian DiFelice is an IT professional by day and transforms into a BBQ professional on nights and weekends.

Through some small-world serendipities, I’ve tried his food twice. Let me tell you, his dishes win the gold medal.

I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ in my life, all around the world. I’ve cooked with different techniques and have concluded that overnight low-and-slow over hardwood is the best, but I unfortunately do not have the time for that method.

I used to go to Blue Ribbon BBQ for my episodic fix, but have found that the product has really gone down hill, sadly.

Enter The Don. His food rules the roost. I tried his dishes again at a recent town festival, and I made sure I got there early, as he sold out the previous time.

This is dry-rubbed food, folks. He doesn’t coat the food in sauce to hide any imperfections and lets you add that on the side on your own.

He is a sole entrepreneur and stays up all night to assiduously smoke the food. You can feel the love. And, his prices are 20 percent lower than Blue Ribbon’s.

Check out the menu here. You’ll love the food.

Sebastian has real afición. One of my favorite books is The Sun Also Rises. In it, one of the characters talks about how the most special of bullfighters have aficion, a combination of talent, passion and expertise. You cannot fake it. It just is.

Sebastian really does have afición.

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    1. Haven’t had the pulled pork, but have had the ribs and the brisket twice; the latter two are ridiculously good, among the best I’ve ever had. In fact, I think the brisket is the best BBQ I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve eaten my fair share.

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