The Best Dim Sum Ever

(The Conrad Hilton Hong Kong, via

It’s been a beautiful Sunday. Not too hot and the sun is out and bright.

I took our 15 year-old out for a first-time-behind-the-wheel experience at the local high school parking lot. That was a great deal of fun. Much laughter and youthful excitement. Then, we after went out for dim sum.

After b-school, Mrs. T. and I were based in Singapore with Bain & Co. At one point, I was sent for a month-long emergency project to Hong Kong. I worked like a dog, but there were some benefits. I was put up at the Conrad Hilton there, in a room with a stunning view of the harbor (example up top), and my employer agreed to fly out Mrs. T every weekend from Singapore.

And, Hong Kong has the best dim sum ever.

So, when I go out for it, I often think of our younger, childless days in Asia. It was a very interesting experience to work in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Seoul. After a few years, expecting our first child, we decided to move back to the U.S.

It definitely was weird to be back in Boston. Life was less crazy, my hours were more manageable, and everything seemed much more relaxed, even at work.

I think working abroad was a great experience for us, as a young couple. It definitely forced me to learn quickly new cultures and people.

If you ever have a chance to work in Asia, I’d highly encourage you to do so. It’s a great experience.

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