The Human Cost of War

As a college student, I studied a great deal about international conflict. Today, I keep up on current events for fun, and we talk about the news at the dinner table.

Over time, you can become immune to the headlines. Another war, another battle, another incursion.

Yesterday, I listened to The Daily’s podcast about one family’s experience as a result of the Korean War. A father of four children goes to North Korea and suddenly disappears.

One of his granddaughters a short while ago traveled to the north to answer the mystery as to what happened.

It is one of the most moving stories I’ve heard in a long time. I won’t spoil the ending for you. Listen to it. Link is here.

Sorry to raise such an emotionally-charged podcast, but, IMO, thinking about others is very important. It helps me get out my own world, as the video below suggests.

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