The Johnson O’Connor Aptitude Tests

Eric told me about the Johnson O’Connor Foundation’s testing services. I looked it up and was intrigued.

Two our older children recently went in for testing, and I sat in on the summary meetings with Foundation staff members Cindy Rosner and Jack Cunningham. It was pretty cool.

The Foundation measures a person’s aptitudes–and, matches that profile with those from others, who are doing well in various careers. The thinking is that different jobs require different aptitudes. You can test people who have succeeded in their careers and get their profiles. Then, you can test high school or college students and suggest potential career paths that might suit them.

The Foundation has been doing this for over 80 years and has a very rich set of data. It is a non-profit organization, but the testing isn’t cheap.

But, both of my children and I found the sessions very valuable. It’s very hard to know what a job really involves. You may have an image of a job which may not at all be in synch with the reality. And, the Foundation gives you a very rich list of potential career paths that should be a good fit.

The testing also can help decide which types of colleges may be a fit, and, moreover, which majors would serve well for certain aptitudes.

So, I consider the fees to be a good investment. More info here.

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