The Myers-Briggs ENTJ ‘Believes’!

I’ve blogged previously about the Myers-Briggs personality test (more here). It’s a framework that I use often, both at work and at home, and I’ve found it very helpful. In fact, of all the things I learned at business school, this is in the Top 3.

I periodically Google my type, the ENTJ, to see what’s new out there in the literature. I came across the graphic below and found it funny, and so, I thought I’d share it.

Regarding the ENTJ profile, it shows a picture of Stephen Colbert and the caption says, “Believe.”

Rock on, all you ENTJs!  We are only 2% of the overall population, and we gotta stick together.

Myers Briggs

3 thoughts on “The Myers-Briggs ENTJ ‘Believes’!

  1. Wow – only 2% are ENTJ? I thought that was one of the most common profiles (maybe that was just the b-school subset)?

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