The NEVY Awards: Awesome Food, Non-Stop Cocktails

It’s true. The New England VC Association is about to party.

During a small rump session, Steve Kraus, with a gleam in his eye, proposed awards with voting to come from the entrepreneurial community. After hooting from the gang, we talked about The Dundies from “The Office” TV show (see above). And, everyone was enthusiastic about doing something different and fun.  NEVCA Exec. Dir. C.A. Webb, as usual, jumped all over it. So, we’re off to the races.

Here’s the event description:

No squirming in your seat or polite clapping here.  The NEVYs are a night for non-stop cocktails, awesome food and a killer crowd of hard charging entrepreneurs and VCs who are building the next generation of companies that matter–right here in our back yard.

So, come and hang.  Vote for the best VC, best entrepreneur, etc. here. And, buy a ticket here for the May 1 event (use promo code “earlyadopter” to save $10).

Should be a fun time. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for May Day.

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