The New Cabela’s Store

Amidst a gentle Saturday snowfall, I decided to go shopping.

A new Cabela’s store just opened about a 30 min. drive away. I’ve been a mail order customer for some time. They have good and cheap fishing equipment.

The store was mobbed. Surprisingly, they had a decent fly fishing section. I picked up a few odds and ends, including a new net. My favorite purchase, though, is the item below.

It is euphemistically called a “hare’s mask”; it’s, um, the peeled-off-and-dried face of a rabbit. It provides great fur for making flies.

My children will be traumatized.

(Mr. Rabbit-No-More)

One thought on “The New Cabela’s Store

  1. Love it! At least you did not hydrate the mask, put it on your hand and pretend it was the Easter Bunny!

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