The Power of Music

I stumbled upon the video above while surfing the Internet last night.  It is The Sundays’ cover version of “Wild Horses.”  I played it, and it instantly took me back 20 years to a May afternoon.

I was in my apartment, about to finish my job and readying to start business school. There are a few moments like that in life.  The summer right after high school graduation.  A month off in between jobs.  A time to rest before the next challenge.

The weather was great on that May day.  Back Bay Boston was erupting with flowers and leaves after a long winter.  It was one of the first hot days of spring, when you finally open the windows.  A day when you dig out your shorts.

And, there I was, listening to this song and feeling incredibly lucky and happy. The girl of my dreams had said yes to my marriage proposal.

It’s a good memory. I smile every time I hear this song.

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