The Psychedelic Furs

One of our teens has a fair amount of 1980s music on her Spotify list. My friend, C.A. Webb, recently posted about reliving the ’80s by going to a Tom Petty concert. Our son is arranging for his a cappella group a-ha’s “Take on Me.”

All of this made me think of the songs with which I grew up. Often, the ones from high school come to mind. You may remember those four years? I do.

Early on: braces, acne, deep feelings of alienation, an attempt to play tackle football, good grades, but not much of a social life.

Later on: some early external confidence, continued internal insecurities, some dating, The Smiths/New Order/Joy Division, and some dreams that, perhaps, there was a larger world out there. In fact, the strong desire to get out, my mixed feelings about life at home, and a yearning to make something of myself.

Thought it all, in high school, there was music.

Here is a video from one of those 1980s bands, The Psychedelic Furs. Takes me back right away.

Hope you all had a good Sunday.

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