Our Investment in Triblio

We’ve made seven investments out of our 2nd fund. We usually keep them under the radar screen until they’re further along or have product release close-at-hand. One in the latter camp is Triblio, which today announced a $3.4MM financing from Kepha, Longworth, and the management team. Here is a good article from Anthony Ha at TechCrunch.

A key theme we’ve been pursuing for a while is “mass customization,” and Triblio fits in that theme. Since a key conversation in 2008 with my friend David Rosenblatt, who was the DoubleClick CEO, I’ve long believed that high-velocity decision-making would become a mainstream need.

My partner Eric Hjerpe, who is joining the Triblio board, reached that conclusion long before he joined Kepha, and he’s a true thought leader on that front. He and Jim Savage of Longworth both work together on OwnerIQ, a Fund 1 investment for us, and both are now working on Triblio.

Quick and at-scale analytics was initially used in the stock market (think algorithmic trading) and then spread to the ad-tech sector (now called “programmatic buying”), where many individual display ad impressions now are bought and sold on exchanges in milliseconds.

We believe that need will exist in content marketing, where brands and marketing groups want to track collateral and calculate its ROI. Initially, people will want to track the lifetime value of their content; over time, they’ll want to do that faster and faster to beat out the competition.

Most important, we are super-impressed with Triblio founder and CEO Andre Yee. He previously was the VP of Product Development at Eloqua, which went public and which Oracle later acquired for $957MM. He’s also a person with incredibly sound ethics, which means a great deal to us.

Thank you, Andre, for letting us be your partners!

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