Unstructured Sundays

Summer Sunday mornings are very different in our home.  It’s absolutely quiet for a long stretch as our children sleep in.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot sleep in.  I’d love to, but I’m usually awake at 5 a.m. and often, earlier.  There’s not much to do at that hour.

If the weather is good, I can play 9 holes of golf or exercise and be back home before anyone is awake. But, if the weather is lousy, I usually hang out at a coffee shop–and, am often the only customer there.

This unscheduled time is, at once, super-boring and super-necessary for me. My work life is full of meetings and calls, or preparing for them. It is go, go, go.

On Sundays, my brain hits an intentional brick wall. I turn off email on my iPhone and iPad. I lounge around. Frankly, it takes a while for me to be OK with not rushing around. By Sunday night, I’m pretty rested.

My biggest Sunday decision is what to cook dinner. Sometimes, a menu comes to me. Often times, I’m pretty stuck as to what to cook. So, I turn over in my mind various options and not rush a decision. I like that: taking my time. It’s so different from how I usually make decisions.

So, after a bit of to and fro, I’ve made my Big Decision of the Day.  Today’s menu will be about nostalgia. So, here’s what we’re eating tonight, which I just Tweeted.

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