Venture Capital As a Team Sport

As I’ve written many times, Kepha is an equal partnership for its investing partners. Eric and I are equal in terms of economics and voting (read “How VCs Are Paid” for how firms allocate compensation).

We do this because we think VC is best played as a team sport. As equal partners, we have an incentive to help all of our companies. So, we together go to all Board meetings for our companies, whenever possible. Each of us tries to help all of our companies.

For example, on a Friday night, I went to Boundless Learning’s office party. Eric is on that board. One of the execs mentioned that they are trying to close a recruit. I offered to speak with that person, as he and I went to the same college. In another example, Eric sourced our VoltDB CEO, someone whom he has known for over a decade.

I know it may sound inefficient, having two investors essentially active with each of our companies. But, we think it works for our culture, and we think it is best for our companies.

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