War, ‘Business Love,’ and Football

I was streaming videos while I worked out at the gym today and came upon a song called “Love Is War” (see above, or click here). I really liked the message, which is that to love truly, and to love more, we have to battle our own pride.

It made me think of parents with newborns, like one of our investors and, also, my friend C.A. Webb, who are barely sleeping in order to care for their children.

It made me think of the New England Patriots and their team-first culture. Painted on a locker room wall is this: “Mental Toughness = Doing the Right Things for the Team…When Everything Isn’t Perfect.”

It made me think of Maximilian Kolbe, who, while at Auschwitz, volunteered to die in place of a stranger about to be executed.

It made me think about “Business Love,” whereby people in business strive to be a true team vs. just “use” each other to make money.

It made me think that loving truly is really, really hard, and that it’s easy to talk about love but it is challenging to live it.

It made me think that the ancient Greeks’ definition of ἀγάπη (agápē), or unconditional love, is the hardest to find.

It made me think of something the head of Newton Country Day School told me: when a child feels a parent’s unconditional love, she then can do anything and achieve much.

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