We Don’t Own a TV

We don’t own a TV.

I know that sounds crazy, but we are among the 1% of U.S. households that don’t own a television. Let me explain why.

When Mrs. T. and I moved to Singapore after business school, we decided not to buy a TV. There wasn’t (back then) a lot of interesting TV content in Singapore. So, we skipped TV.

We found that, after a while, we got used to it. When we moved back to the U.S., we kept the streak going. It matters less these days, given streaming. We have multiple computers, iPads and portable DVD players.

Our kids get plenty of media, but we avoid the phenomenon to which I was prone, which was turning on the TV and letting it play in the background. Our children learned to read at a young age, and they travel easily on long trips as they’re used to breaking out a book.

But, it’s still hard for me during the Super Bowl.

One thought on “We Don’t Own a TV

  1. I guess my household is among the 1% as well. We canceled cable couple of years ago because ther aren’t many good shows and it’s too easy to waste hours sitting in front of a box. We don’t miss it at all. Granted we still sit in front of our computers and other gadgets for hours, but we feel that we have more control over the time spent and we can be more selective of content.

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