When Silence Is Golden

It’s been busy at work.

And, at home. On Saturday and Sunday, we had 15 activities for our children. That includes lessons, parties, games, practices, and school obligations. I also baked brownies, did my laundry, and cooked Saturday night’s dinner.

To boot, I couldn’t find my laptop today on Monday morning. I searched and searched and realized I must have left it somewhere during our busy weekend. I mentally retraced my steps and thought there was a good chance I had left it at a coffee shop, where I had taken a breather between events.

It wasn’t a good feeling, as I scrambled around.

I called the shop. They didn’t have it, a person on the phone claimed.

On a hunch, I decided to drive over and ask again. I thought I would speak with the manager and give my contact information, in case the laptop showed up. When I spoke with her, she smiled and guided me to a back room. And, there was my laptop, safely stored in their supply closet.

I’m grateful to the Good Samaritan, who found the computer and gave it to the shop manager.

Honestly, I’m usually pretty good about keeping track of my stuff. But, on that Saturday, juggling a full schedule, as well as a wallet, keys, iPad, and iPhone, my brain just forgot.

So, all’s well that ends well. The good news is that I didn’t beat up myself verbally about it. I used to have a pretty critical inner voice. When something went wrong, I’d accuse myself of being stupid or lazy. My friend Anne Mitchell calls it the Inner Saboteur voice.

As I drove to the coffee shop this morning, hoping for the best, I decided to think about what cool, new laptop I would buy. I was worried that someone would hack past the old computer’s passwords and get to personal financial information.

But, I decided to think that I couldn’t control what others did. So, the stress level didn’t get too bad, actually. I was uncomfortable, but I wasn’t too down.

And, my Inner Saboteur didn’t chime in at all. The silence was wonderful.

2 thoughts on “When Silence Is Golden

  1. I loved when you describe trying to look forward to a new computer. Such a reminder to always try to find an optimistic angle to anything-even when it’s a stretch. Never know what will resonate with your readers :)!

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