Your Peer Group

A funny thing happened to me as I got older. I increasingly didn’t have a peer group.

When you’re young, you’re put into an elementary school grade. Those students become your friends. That goes on through high school and college.

Then, you graduate and start to work for a living and doing things like cooking, food shopping and paying bills. You still go out with your buddies.

Gradually, many people get married and some move to a different city for work reasons. Your peer group shrinks.

You of course start socializing with people at work. But, there usually is a barrier between work and personal topics. Your colleagues are friendly but not everyone is a friend.

As I’ve blogged before, so many men I know do not have many friends. That was I for a long time, but through Church, I decided to change that and started a discussion group. I’ve switched parishes and have a different group now, but it is just as rewarding.

I write this because our group last night went out to dinner. We all are fathers and in the private sector. We have a lot in common. We are peers.

The chatter over dinner was at times funny, at times serious, but always very relaxed and enjoyable. It was a fun night out.

So, if you feel that you need a peer group, I’d encourage you to start one. It really has paid off for me, and I’m very grateful.

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