“Judaism is about endurance.”

That’s a quote from a New York Times article on Jews in Kaifeng, China. 1,000 people claim Jewish ancestry, and the government has been cracking down on overt displays of Judaism.

This past summer, on our bike trip in Spain, I chatted often with an entrepreneur from Colorado also on the trip with his family. He’s Jewish and we spoke about how dictatorships can arise from democracies, as it did in 1933 Germany. He says he’s not particularly religious, but he was moved when his children went through their respective coming-of-age ceremonies. He said he felt very connected to his heritage.

“And, it felt great to give Hitler the finger,” he said, chuckling.

Today is the first day of Year 5,777 on the Jewish calendar and timeline. So many movements have tried to stamp out Judaism, but, yet, it continues. Yes, it endures.

Our family isn’t Jewish, but it felt right to bake up some special desserts. Apple crisp last night and a pear crisp tonight. Something sweet as a good omen for the next 12 months.

On this New Year, my best wishes to all, whether you are Jewish or not, or religious or not. I think we can all use a fresh start, as we head closer to the election, and send our best wishes to each other.

May peace and virtues always reign supreme. Happy New Year….

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