A 21″ Brown Trout

I feel really good about our Thursday meeting with our investors. We heard very positive feedback about the portfolio as well as the transparency that we always try to show.

It was a good feeling. I’m so grateful to our investors and to the portfolio company CEOs, who made time to speak.

I long ago scheduled a vacation day for Friday. We’re not doing a summer vacation this year, as we have so much going on. So, I’m building in some days off on Fridays.

I decided to fish. I got up at 3.45 am and drove out. It became a beautiful day: sunny, 85 degrees, and the river was absolutely shimmering with sunlight. Birds everywhere. A very peaceful setting.

Then, I hooked and landed this fish. Video below or here.

It’s a 21″ brown trout. My personal best. Trout don’t normally grow that big in New England. I was stunned.

Two amazing days.

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