A Call with My Sister

I just finished a long Saturday night phone call with my sister. We don’t speak that often (I’m not great about keeping in touch), but when we do, it’s usually about something important.

I get a lot out of these conversations. I’ve written about the tremendous challenges she has endured (more here), and I really like her POV on various matters. I think tremendous wisdom can come from very real suffering.

I also enjoy the talks because we can speak in short-hand with each other. We know what the other means, and so, we cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. We’re also very real with each other. She calls bull crap on me, and I do with her, and we can agree to disagree. And, there’s no fall out from it. We can just say what we think without editing our lines.

We just talk.

There’s a real freedom in the dialogue, a true authenticity. I don’t have to worry about what she thinks of me or whether she approves of what I’m saying. When I ask her for advice or perspective, she is giving to me her honest and genuine POV. There’s no “management” or “manipulation.” She just tells me what she thinks.

I’m very grateful for my sister….

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