Using Nature to Clarify Your Mind

Well, it’s Friday afternoon.

If you like the outdoors, here (and above) is a video. Some fish, a moose, a fox. It’s amazing.

There’s something re-generating about nature. I remember reading a book by Lou Gerstner, who was a famous executive and, at one point, re-created IBM. He said that, before making any major decision, he would make time to walk along a beach. There was something about the sand, the shore, and the sea. They clarified his mind.

For me, being outside is liberating. I enjoy the day-to-day contents of my job: the meetings, calls, emails and social media interaction. But, I am at rest and, at the same time keenly active, when I am outside.

For me, fly fishing creates moments of clarity. Even if strikes are few, I still see herons, eagles, falcons and small birds. It’s all upside. What’s interesting is that my mind often wanders to issues related to my family, my job, my past, my future, my joys and my concerns. But, I can observe them with detachment. I can “work through” those issues.

I hope you get a chance soon to clarify your mind. Go for a hike, run, hunt or fishing trip.

Have a great weekend….

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