A Favorite Braised Beef Recipe

It’s surprisingly cool and breezy today, on Sunday. So, I am cooking a braised beef dish for Sunday Dinner.

It’s the kind that can cook ever-so-slowly in a low oven and is very easy to make. It is a crowd-favorite in our home. And, it’s a great dish for a dinner party or to woo a potential love interest. You can cook it ahead of time and just pop it in the oven to warm it.

The sweetness from onions, the umami from tomatoes and red wine, and the richness of super-soft and unctuous beef all combine into an amazing mélange of flavors. There’s a touch of cinnamon, too. That’s right: cinnamon. It will bring you back to winter holidays of yore.

The recipe comes from The New Basics cookbook, which has a lot of good ideas. I used to make it with short ribs, but I over time dropped that and now use a leaner cut.

I get chuck roast, which I break down, or sirloin tips (if you use boneless beef, buy four lbs., not the five to six lbs. of short ribs mentioned in the recipe below, as bones are heavy). You can use whatever cut you want, for you are in charge and are the “Chief of the Beef.”

So, here is a screen shot of a recipe for eight servings. Skim off the fat before you serve it over potatoes, rice, or polenta. Sprinkle some fresh, chopped parsley on top for color. A good red wine is a must-have.

I really hope you try it. Enjoy!


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