A Great Estate Attorney: Tom O’Shea

Death does that to you.

When my brother-in-law died suddenly at 42, leaving behind a tough and disorganized situation, I kicked into gear my thinking about an estate plan.

It’s not fun to think about a will, health care directives, and other details that a surviving spouse and children will need. But, I have peace knowing that there won’t be a mad scramble.

Thankfully, I’ve worked over the years with a great estate attorney, Tom O’Shea. He and his partner were housed near Kepha back when they had just left Hale & Dorr and started their own firm. So, it was a great match: entrepreneur to entrepreneur.

Tom and I have done a few rounds of documents over the many years during which we’ve worked together. He has a great and thoughtful style, listens carefully to what Mrs. T. and I want, and is very honest when it comes to his billable hours. He also is very up to speed on estate tax issues for both Federal and Massachusetts.

So, I’d recommend him without reservation. Tom is at Megan & O’Shea and can be reached at 781.906.0183.

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