“The Good Wife” No More

As you may know, I refer to my wife in these posts as The Good Wife. I do so because one of the reasons I fell in love with her was her “good heart” (a phrase from the Scriptures), one filled with genuineness. Anyone who has met her, I think, would also see that trait.

I didn’t realize that the phrase could have negative connotations, such as subservience, until my step-mother-in-law mentioned it.

Also, I hear there’s a TV show called “The Good Wife.” We don’t have TV and have never seen the show, but I don’t want to link my wife to a TV character.

So, I will be dropping the name.

We have yet to come up with another pseudonym. I suggested “Awesome Wife” and “Amazing Wife.” “Super-Duper Spouse” also crossed my mind. None really resonated with us, and so, for now, less will be more.

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