A Nice Tweet and Why I Do VC

Daniel McCarthy (@SirDanielMac) sent me a nice Tweet:

Love your mission for Kepha, by the way. Not many VCs these days with a strategy to help so early when the startups really need it.

It made my day, and so, thank you, Daniel.

And, we do have a Mission and Operating Principles.

I love my job. It creates tremendous stress some days, but I cannot imagine doing anything else. I can honestly say I’m not doing VC for the money. My burn rate, if you exclude Red Sox season tickets, is lower than it was last year.

Also, VC is no longer a quick way to make money. You work hard at your craft, and hopefully, in your 40s and 50s, you begin to reap the benefits. I probably would have made more money if I stayed at Bain & Company, and I most certainly would be rolling in the dough had I accepted offers at Bain Capital or Amazon.com.

But, I’m content.  I sleep well at night. Am working very hard. My wife and children are happy.

And, every day is Christmas morning for me when I open my emails. So many entrepreneurs with so many cool ideas have written in asking for funding.

I wish we could fund all of them.

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