How I Blog

I’ve received quite a few emails of encouragement from people who read my blog. To all of you, I say thank you very much!

One question I get is how I blog. So I thought I’d write about what I do.

I find that I blog best in the morning. Maybe it’s the caffeine and that my mind is uncluttered. I don’t blog every day, but on some mornings I feel inspired to write. I also use Siri on my iPhone. I can dictate a blog entry much faster than I can write it. I do that usually when I’m working out.

I then read the post a few times to edit it. And then it’s ready to be published. I don’t have any ghost writers, and I don’t have an editor or a PR firm to review my stuff. The blog truly is in my own voice. So, all those typos are mine!

I would love to hear from other people who write. What do you do to be productive?

2 thoughts on “How I Blog

  1. Love your blog, Jo. Your advice is really practical and thoughtful. And it’s obvious that you are trying to be of service to entrepreneurs.

    I think your blog is terrific “as is”, but two ideas for you:

    1. Read “Bird by Bird” by Anne Lamott. Not only is it a great book on writing with lots of practical tips and exercises, but it is also a great book on living the creative life and a rich life in general. One of my favorite books…period.

    2.If you are writing rather than dictating, and you find yourself stuck, you might want to do “freewriting.” Basically, you write stream-of-consciousness without stopping and without judgement for 5 minutes straight. It helps to clear the b.s. from your mind so you can really write what you need to say.

    Hope this helps. Keep going, Jo.


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