A Perfect Celebration

To fit in school events, we celebrated my birthday over a few days. It was a very simple set of events, which I liked.

For lunch, Mrs. T. and I went out for some noodles, a Chinese tradition. Long noodles are meant to symbolize a long life.

The next day, she made me a special dinner, one of our children baked a cake, and everyone gave me homemade birthday cards.

Some friends reached out. Family members called. Our son called from college, and we had a great chat. He also sent a very thoughtful note, expressing his gratitude and love.  This was one of those very satisfying parenting moments. He is happy and is thriving.

I also had a chance to meet some new friends.

I’m all for fancy events. But, given the choice, just being with family and fly fishing is a perfect way to celebrate.

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    1. We went to Home Style in Watertown. You also can check out Gene’s Flatbread, either in Boston or Woburn. Thanks for the kind words!

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