Torrence Boone

I’ve met so many amazing people in my life. One of the people whom I most admire is Torrence Boone.

He and I first met when we were lowly plebes at Bain & Co. We were in the same training group, in a program that gathered all plebes from around the world and put us through a week-long boot camp.

That was a great group. We laughed a lot and did a lot of great work. I fondly still remember our “Team 4” dance and many things that people like Jamey, Carolyn, Torrence, and Anil said.

Later, Torrence and I were in the same study group at business school, and we have kept in touch. He is even kind enough to be on the Kepha Advisory Group.

I’m writing this because there’s an amazing profile of Torrence that just appeared online. In the interview, he speaks about his career path and the many challenges he had to overcome. He is a living witness to the power of education and a loving parent.

It’s a wonderful read and is filled with the energy and optimism that I so closely identify with Torrence. All that is much needed today on this Election Day.

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