A Personal Story

Here’s a personal story.

There’s a particular old, white man with whom I’ve interacted casually a few times. He didn’t go to college and is very enthusiastic about Trump. He in the past has said things to me such as:

“Trump is right about immigrants.”

“Muslims want to kill us all. They should be kicked out.”

Well, last week, the dialogue became more personalized. Here’s our exchange:

“Where were you born?” he asked.

“Indonesia,” I said.

“You Muslim?”

“No, Catholic.”

“Well, some of us think you’re Chinese or Japanese.”

“Yes, I’m from an ethnic Chinese family from Indonesia.”

“You marry an American?”

“Yes, I did.”

That’s the dialogue. We are living in interesting times.

I normally would have tried to forget this type of conversation. But, I decided to share the experience with my family and my business partners.

I voted in the primary. And, I am absolutely determined to vote in November.

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